Wedding Photography: Castle Howard Wedding

Majestic front facade of the majestic Castle Howard in North Yorkshire.

Castle Howard Wedding Photographer – Christine and Vikas

It was such a privilege to photograph this wedding. A glorious day of excitement, love and laughter. The Wedding Ceremony was held at Selby Abbey followed by the reception at the magnificent Castle Howard .

Christine got ready at Oulton Hall Hotel and Spa in Leeds together with her bridesmaids and her parents. The room she was in was nice and big with large windows, good for letting in the ambient light. Cathy went to hang Christine’s lovely wedding dress in the foyer of the hotel. She had spotted the luxury wall paper, lights and the reflection on the tables. A story behind the hanging of the dress – as Cathy was hanging the dress and making sure it would look good for photographs, a guest came up behind her to ask what she was doing and why. As Cathy was focussed on getting the shot, she answered the guest without turning to look at him. When he disappeared the concierge said “Do you know who that was?” Cathy obviously said “No” to which he replied “It was Jason Donovan”. Yikes she felt mortified!! So a lesson to be learnt. Always look at the person you are talking to!

Christine and Vikas got married at the stunning Selby Abbey. People have been worshipping at Selby Abbey for over 900 years. That’s amazing! It was a long walk down the aisle for Christine but she finally got to Vikas in time for the ceremony. What a fabulous place to get married.

The best was to come as we made our way to the magnificent, extremely grand stately home in North Yorkshire, Castle Howard. Castle Howard took over 100 years to complete. Today it is undoubtedly one of the most famous wedding venues in Yorkshire with it’s grand interior spaces and huge stunning grounds. The opportunities for photographs were endless.

Montage of wedding dress hanging up and bridal bouquet and wedding shoes on a table. Hairdresser adding finishing touches to the brides hair. Two photographs of bridesmaids having hair and make up done. Emotional bride reading a card belonging to the flowers her groom sent her. Maid of Honour and Bride laughing as a bracelet is being put onto the bride's wrist whilst mother of the bride struggles with necklace in the background. Maid of Honour puts necklace around bride's neck whilst mother of the bride looks on. Bride standing with dress on whilst two bridesmaids and mother adjusts the train and the other two bridesmaids look on with laughter. Montage of Bride with her bridesmaids posing informally and formally as well as beautiful bride showing off her dress Bride with mother and father trying to kiss her on the cheek at Oulton Hall. Wedding ceremony venue, Selby Abbey in Yorkshire. Groom and bestman posing in front of the beautiful entrance of Selby Abbey. Bride arrives in her wedding car with father helping her out of the car. Bride and father walking arm in arm down the path leading to Selby Abbey with Bridesmaids holding the train. Bride looking at the groom's mother as she walks down the aisle with her father and bridesmaids whilst the groom waits in anticipation. Happy bride arrives at the altar in Selby Abbey with the Groom smiling at her. Photograph capturing a young guest looking at the camera in the aisle. Looking down the aisle at the Bride and Groom in front of the clergyman ready to take their wedding vows. Black and White Photograph of the congregation with young flowergirl telling her brother to keep quiet. An aerial photograph of the bride and groom taking their vows. Bride slipping on the wedding ring for her Groom. Photograph taken from the back of the congregation applauding the Bride and Groom. A lovely moment of a Groomsman cuddling his son during the wedding ceremony. Bride and Groom kneeling at the intricately carved altar having their blessing. Choir singing at the wedding in Selby Abbey whilst the Bride and Groom sign the register in the background with their guests. Portrait of the Bride sitting down and the Groom standing whilst the bride pretends to sign the register. Formal group photograph of the bride and groom at the registry table with the family members. Bride and Groom walking back up the aisle followed by close family. Happy Bride and Groom walking back up the aisle at Selby Abbey whilst the congregation take photographs. Touching close up photograph of brides hand on the groom's back whilst his arm is around her waist. Montage of the wedding guests congratulating the bride and groom. Montage of guests throwing confetti at the bride and groom. Beautiful portrait of bride sitting on a pew. Photograph of the groomstanding and looking at the bride sitting in the pews. Fascade of Castle Howard Wedding Venue on a sunny day with blue skies and fluffy clouds. Bride and Groom walking in between yew hedges towards camera with Castle Howard in the backgroud. Romantic Photograph of Bride and Groom in front of the Atlas Fountain at Castle Howard. Formal photo of Bride and Groom posing in front of the Atlas Fountain at Castle Howard. Romantic shoot through photograph of Bride putting her forehead onto the Groom's whilst the Groom leans against a tree. Bride and Groom posing inside the Antique Passage at Castle Howard lined with busts and figurines. Reflection of Bride and Groom in the lake in front of Castle Howard as they walk from right to left across the grounds. Bride and Groom at The Temple of the Four Winds at Castle Howard, Yorkshire. Bridal couple on the steps at The Temple of the Four Winds. Bridal Party posing for a photograph at The Temple of the Four Winds back to back and alternating from groomsman to bridesmaid. Lovely photograph of the groom and bride standing, looking at each other with a bride and open countryside behind them. Bride and Groom walking through the corridoors of Castle Howard and entering their wedding breakfast room. Guests seated at the exquisite wedding breakfast room in the Long Room at Castle Howard, Yorkshire. Montage of the wedding speeches at Castle Howard. Bride and Groom cutting their wedding cake with flower girl and a boy helping. Bestmen projecting an image onto the ceiling whilst making a speech. Groom with arms around his mother and wife looking up to the ceiling at images projected by the groomsman. Guests and Bride and Groom looking up at the ceiling whilst bestman, in the foreground, projects some images during his speech. First Dance as guests look on with starburst in the right hand corner. Bride and Groom's first dance. Some family members congratulate the Bride and Groom after the first dance by a huge hug with guests looking on. Mother of the Groom hugs and kisses her son on his cheek after the first dance. Montage of guests enjoying themselves dancing on the dance floor.

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