Destination Wedding Photographers: Santorini

Santorini Wedding Photographers - the windmills of Oia on the Greek Island of Santorini.

Destination Wedding Photographers – Santorini – Katie and Adam.

We love being Santorini Destination Wedding Photographers. It is always a previledge to be asked to photograph a wedding abroad. So far we have been to Italy, Sweden and Kenya. This time it was to experience a wedding on the Greek island of Santorini in the Aegean Sea. We could not wait as it was on our wish list of places to photograph weddings. Here is the link to see other places on our wish list .

The Destination Greek island of Santorini.

Santorini is one of the Cyclades islands in the Aegean Sea. The island got its present half-moon shape in the 17th century when a severe volcanic eruption took place. Today half of Santorini’s caldera is submerged, which makes it the only sunken caldera in the world. The most marvellous thing about Santorini is the architecture of the villages, built right on the edge of the caldera. These picturesque villages distinguish for their sugar-cube houses, the paved streets, the wonderful churches with their distinctive blue domes and most of all the breathtaking view of the Aegean Sea. It is an ideal place to get married. Katie and Adam decided to do just that.

Destination pre-wedding ‘Get to Know You’ shoot.

As we always do with all of our weddings, whether it be home or abroad, we have a ‘Get to Know You’ shoot. Santorini has lots of locations for photographs which made it very difficult to choose where to go. However, we had to think around the wedding and reception location to make it viable. We came across Megalochori Village which was an ideal spot. It is a labyrinth of winding alleys, whitewashed houses and blue domed churches with ornate bell towers. We spent a couple of hours taking photographs of Katie and Adam as well as scouting out places to have shots on their wedding day. The shoot ended up at Perissa Beach, after sunset, where they were staying.

Santorini Wedding Photographers - Blue domes of Santorini and couple looking lovingly at each other. Couple in front of a Blue Door. Santorini Wedding Photographers - Couple about to kiss in front of a blue door. Couple in front of a wooden door. Santorini Wedding Photographers - romantic setting with bride and groom. Santorini Wedding Photographers - Bride and Groom in middle of blue, shuttered windows on either side. Megalochori village - couple walking down the narrow streets of Megalochori. Santorini Wedding Photographers - walking hand in hand through the narrow streets. Santorini Wedding Photographers - shoot through bougainvillea to couple in front of blue door in the sunshine. Two romantic photographs of the couple with iconis Santorini blue domed church and bell tower in Megalochori Village. A romantic walk on the volcanic beach of Perissa, Santorini. A glowing sky after sunset in the background as the couple gaze into each others eyes. Santorini Wedding Photographers - couple skimming stones on Perissa Beach, Santorini.

The Wedding Preparations Photographs.

The day of Katie and Adam’s wedding was a scorcher. What is good about Santorini’s weather is there always seems to be a welcoming sea breeze that dampens down the heat. Katie and her sisters, who were also her bridesmaids, decided to get ready at the beautiful Meltemi Suites in Perissa where Katie and Adam were staying. Adam got ready at another hotel where his parents were staying. So that worked out well. Everyone was so calm and looking forward to the ceremony and celebrations. 

The beautiful grounds of the Meltimi Suites where the bride was getting ready. Destination Wedding Photographers - dress hanging from a bougainvillea tree as well as shoes of bridesmaids and bride on the floor. Santorini Wedding Photographers - wedding shoes hanging on blue door of bedroom with palm tree in the background. Santorini Wedding Photographers - bridesmaids having their make up done. Destination Wedding Photographers - Bride getting her make up done and veil fixed onto her head. Destination Wedding Photographers - lovely photograph of bride with her bridesmaids on the bed drinking champagne. Bridesmaids dressing the bride as well as a bridesmaid putting on her shoes. Destination Wedding Photographers - bridesmaids doing up the back of the bride's dress as well as a photo of bride fully in her dress. Destination Wedding Photographers - Photographs of the groom's accessories and suit. Groom enjoying a drink with his dad. Reflection of mum looking proudly at her son in the mirror. Groom putting on his cufflinks with dad helping him. Three photographs of the groom getting ready with his parents.

Destination Wedding Ceremony – Santos Winery.

What a fabulous location for a wedding. Santos Winery is a spectacular wedding venue with panoramic island views and breathtaking views of the caldera and the Aegean Sea. For  Santorini Destination Wedding Photographers it is a dream location.

Destination Wedding Photographers - Ceremony area at Santos Winery, Santorini. The spectacular view over Santorini's caldera to the blue Aegean Sea. Guests arriving at the Santos Winery wedding celebration area. Santos Winery Weddings - groom talking to two of the guests. Santos Winery Weddings - bridesmaids waiting for the bride in front of the entrance to Santos Winery wedding ceremony area. Santos Winery Weddings - bride with her dad in the car arriving. bride with her bridesmaids in front of the entrance to the Santos Winery ceremony area. Santorini Destination Wedding Photographers - bridesmaids and bride and dad entering the ceremony area. Santorini Destination Wedding Photographers - bride and dad walking eagerly towards the groom. Santorini Destination Wedding Photographers - after spotting his bride, the groom emotionally wipes a tear from his eyes. Santorini Destination Wedding Photographers - bride and groom saying their vows. Santorini Destination Wedding Photographers - wow what a backdrop to the ceremony area of the caldera and Aegean Sea. Santorini Destination Wedding Photographers - groom saying his vows. Santorini Destination Wedding Photographers - emotional tears amongst the guests. Santorini Destination Wedding Photographers - the first kiss as husband and bride under the canopy of the ceremony structure. Mum witnessing the register whilst groom and bride look at each other and groom's dad looking over shoulder of mum. Two happy guests in dark glasses. Group shot of the bride and grrom with their guests. Santorini Destination Wedding Photographers - lovely, close-up photo of bride with champagne. Santorini Destination Wedding Photographers - Bride looking at her husband as veil plays in the wind. Santorini Destination Wedding Photographers - bride and groom kissing as veil spreads in between camera and them. Santorini Destination Wedding Photographers - romantic photograph of bride and groom just about to kiss with beautiful backdrop. Bride and Groom walking hand in hand away from the ceremony area with backdrop of the Aegean Sea. Destination Wedding Photographers - Santorini - bride and groom romantically looking into each others eyes. Destination Wedding Photographers - Santorini - bride and groom in a doorway with lovely view behind. Cool groom posing in a doorway with great views behind.

Megalochori Village.

After the wedding ceremony we took Katie and Adam back to Megalochori to do the couple wedding shoot. The village is little known to the tourists so we were lucky to have it, virtually, to ourselves. 

Beautiful photograph of the bride posing on a pathway in Megalochori. Romantic photograph of bride and groom in front of a bell tower in Megalochiri. Destination Wedding Photographers - Santorini - walking on the cobbled streets in Santorini. Bride and groom posing in Megalochori Village.

Wedding Reception – Pyrgos Restaurant.

Pyrgos Restaurant is located only a few miles away from Santos Winery. It is an ideallic place to have a wedding reception with endless views overlooking the island. 

Destination Wedding Photographers - Santorini - Pyrgos Restaurant. Groom feeding the bride cake. Grandmother holding the train of her granddaughter's wedding dress. Destination Wedding Photographers - Santorini - bride about to throw the wedding bouquet at Pyrgos Restaurant. Photograph of the bride's grandmother catching the wedding bouquet. A montage of the guests during the speeches. Some more photographs of the guests enjoying the speeches.


Santorini is very well known for its spectacular sunsets which we wanted to capture with Katie and Adam. At Imerovigli there are loads of viewpoints where photographs of the sunset with them in situ can be taken.  The day before we walked around the town to find locations where we could take the photographs so that on the day we knew exactly where to go. This helped a lot as sunsets don’t last for very long. We were very pleased with what we managed to photograph, including a post sunset shot when the moon came up in all of its glory. 

Sunset shot on the cliffs of Imerovigli. Destination Wedding Photographers - Santorini - bride and groom on top of a church in Imerovigli. Beautiful sunset in the background with typical blue domed church in Imerovigli. Santorini Wedding Photographer - silhuette of the bride and groom with sunset. Bride and Groom on a roof top looking out to sea with the beautiful sunset. Destination Wedding Photographers - Santorini - bride and groom on a rooftop overlooking the sea with a beautiful sunset. Destination Wedding Photographers - Santorini - An amazing shot of the full moon and santorini town in the background.

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