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Working with us

How long have you been in business?+

We have been photographing weddings together since 2007.

How would you describe your working style?+

Relaxed, easy going and unobtrusive. Creating candid, natural and documentary photography that tells the story of your wedding.

What if we don’t like our photographs being taken?+

You are not alone. Many couples are initially uncomfortable with the idea of having a camera pointed at them throughout the day.
To help you prepare, we arrange a ‘Get to Know You’ shoot. This is a chance for us to get comfortable working together. I will give you some direction on how to stand, how to hold yourself and what to do with your hands.
On the day of your wedding you should feel more confident and be relaxed and natural in front of the camera.

Have you ever photographed at our wedding venue?+

Possibly. But we are professional photographers, so it doesn’t matter if we have never been to a venue before. I always do a recce of the venue with the bride and groom before the wedding and we find the best places to shoot together.

Do you take traditional group shots?+

Yes. These are what we call the ‘mantlepiece shots’. We recommend a maximum six, but if we are with you for the full day we can do additional group shots later on.

What is your dress code for our wedding?+

We dress very smartly to blend in with your other guests. No jeans or flip-flops, we promise!

Will we need to provide you with a meal?+

That would be really kind. We avoid photographing during the meal, because no one looks their best when they are eating, so it’s best for us to eat when you eat. Then, as soon as the meal is over, we’ll be ready to carry on capturing all the best bits of your day.

Will you use our photographs after the wedding?+

If you are happy for me to do so, I will put a teaser on our Facebook Page.
I might also write a blog post including some of the photographs from your big day.

Making your booking

How do we check if you’re available?+

You can either give me a call, or complete the contact form on our website to check our availability. I’m always happy to talk to customers who have questions.

Can we meet you in person?+

Absolutely. You’re welcome to meet us in person at our home office in Toton, Nottingham. We can discuss your wedding and you can take the opportunity to look at our portfolio and some of our sample albums to get a better sense of our style and approach.

When should we book you for our wedding?+

As soon as possible! If you love what we do and would like us to capture your special day, book us as soon as you can. We have new enquiries daily and the dates we have available  can soon be snapped up.

How do we make a booking?+

To reserve your wedding date, we will need a non-refundable booking fee of £250. We will also need you to complete and sign our booking form and contract. The remaining balance will be due three weeks before your wedding date.


How long do you stay for the wedding?+

We cover up to 10 hours for a full day or up to 5 hours for a half day.

What time do you arrive for the bridal preparations?+

Usually we will photograph your pre-wedding preparations for two hours before the ceremony. Cathy will photograph the bridal side whilst Brian will follow the Groom.

How long does the photography take?+

We like to allow:
– Two hours in the morning, before the ceremony to photograph the wedding preparations.
– Two hours, at least, in between the ceremony and wedding breakfast. Forty-five minutes for your couple shoot and Thirty minutes for the Group shots – a maximum of six, taking 5 minutes each group shot. The rest of the time for travelling and mingling.
For the rest of the day we work unobtrusively in the background and photograph the day as it happens.

Do you charge overtime fees?+

No. What you see is what you get and you will either pay for a full day or a half day. If you would like us to stay a little longer to cover an evening event, like a firework display, for example, we will be happy to do so providing it is not too late.

Travel and destinations

How far do you travel?+

We travel all over the UK and abroad — as far as you want to take us.

Are there any travel costs?+

For UK weddings, all travel costs are included in the coverage.

What if we’re planning a destination wedding abroad?+

Fantastic! We would love to go abroad with you and photograph your wedding.
We have photographed in Kenya, Stockholm, Italy, Singapore and Santorini.
We offer bespoke coverage for destination weddings, which we will discuss with you in more detail during our meeting.
For a destination wedding, we will usually be with you for three days. This will include the ‘Get to Know You’ pre-wedding shoot and a recce of the wedding venue to find all the most breathtaking and romantic spots for your newlywed couple shoot.

Your wedding photographs

How long after the wedding will our photos be ready?+

After the wedding I will process the photographs and choose all the good ones. This typically takes 4–8 weeks depending how busy I am.

How will we get to see our photos?+

We will invite you to our home to see a premiere of your photographs with drinks and popcorn. If it is not convenient for you, I will send you the USB stick containing all of your images I have processed. There will, also be, an online slideshow that you and your guests can watch as well as an online gallery where you and your guests can purchase prints.

How many photographs will we get?+

It all depends what happens on the day, but it’s typically upwards of 500 for a full-day coverage and upwards of 300 for a half-day coverage.

Can our friends and family view and buy images?+

Yes, of course. You will have your own private online gallery. Simply give your password to your family and friends and they can view and buy photos they would like. There will, also be, an online slideshow with music of your wedding, they can view.

Do we get copyright of the images?+

As we created the images, Oehlers Photography will “own” the copyright, but the photographs will be yours to print and share with our permission.

How do you create our wedding album?+

After you see your photos you will choose the images you want in your album from the USB stick.
I will design the album and send you a proof. You can make any changes you want and we’ll make sure the album is just as you want it before it is printed and finished.
From the date I place the order, it will take approximately four to five weeks for your finished album to come back.

Insurance and contingencies

Are you insured?+

Yes, we are fully insured and have both professional indemnity and public liability insurance.

Do you have backup equipment?+

Yes. We are always shooting with two cameras. We also carry a third backup camera and a backup flash.

What happens if you are ill or there is an emergency?+

If we have made a commitment to photograph your wedding it would take something very serious for us not to be there.
As there are two photographers, if something happens on the day, the other photographer can take over.
If something happens on the lead up to your wedding, we have a list of other professional photographers who could step in if needed.

What happens if it rains?+

Rain does not bother us at all. In fact, you can get some amazing shots in the rain especially using the flash and capturing the effects of the raindrops.