Stoke Rochford Wedding Photographers

Stoke Rochford Wedding Photographer-The archetecture of Stoke Rochford Hall, Grantham

Stoke Rochford  Wedding Photographers – Nicola and Dan

It was great being back as Stoke Rochford Wedding Photographers to photograph Nicola and Dan’s wedding.  Stoke Rochford Hall provides an excellent backdrop for your wedding photographs. It is a prime example of Victorian Architecture. Set in the peaceful, rolling countryside of the East Midland Shires it is a delight to photograph weddings at this venue. We have experience of photographing weddings at Stoke Rochford Hall so you can be assured that we know the best  photography locations for your photographs on your wedding day.

The Pre Wedding ‘Get to Know You’ Shoot

All of our wedding photography coverages include a ‘Get to Know You’ shoot. We would normally have it at the venue where your reception is being held. This, also, gives us a chance to look around the grounds to plan the photography for your wedding day.

We met up with Nicola and Dan at Stoke Rochford Hall. They were both looking forward to it although Dan was a bit reticent at first. This is why I do insist that having a ‘Get to Know You’ shoot is important as it helps to relax you in front of the camera. At the end of the shoot both Nicola and Dan said they enjoyed the shoot. They had learnt, through us, several tips of how to make their photographs that extra special. 

Stoke Rochford Wedding Photographer-Couple sitting on the steps in the grounds of Stoke Rochford Hall. Couple walking towards the camera looking at each other. Stoke Rochford Wedding Photographer-Close up of the bride to be being lifted by her fiancé with their noses touching each other. Intimate photograph of the couple. Couple standing at a corner of a wall with bride looking back at her groom. Nottingham wedding photographer - Couple jumping off steps and making shapes with their bodies.

The Wedding Day at Stoke Rochford Hall

We have been wedding photographers at Stoke Rochford Hall several times before so we were looking forward to photographing there again. Brian dropped me off at the Hall and continued to Peterborough to photograph Dan getting ready.  Nicola and her lovely bridesmaid were getting their hair and make up done in a separate room to where she was going to put her dress on. This was a great idea as it kept the room tidy  for photographs. I always love photographing the details. One detail caught my eye. It was a handkerchief with a beautiful, heartfelt poem which Nicola’s mum had made up and embroidered onto it. Have a read it is so lovely. 

Stoke Rochford Wedding Photographer-Hanging wedding dress and handkerchief embroidered by the bride's mum. Stoke Rochford wedding Photography-Details of the shoes, perfume, flowers, hangers and charms. Stoke Rochford Wedding Photographer-Pastel Bridesmaids dresses and flowergirls dress hanging from a wardrobe. Nottingham wedding photographer - Black and White photo of the bride having jewels put into her hair. Stoke Rochford Wedding Photographer-Bride and bridal party having their make up done and slippers with Bride embroidered onto their front. Bride finishing off her eye make up whilst bridesmaids look on. Bride and Bridesmaids and mum sitting on the bed chatting and sipping champagne. Groom putting on his tie. Nottingham wedding photographer - Details of Groom's cufflink and a key to my heart. Groom reading a card which his bride has written. Groomsmen helping the groom get ready. Mum helping the bride put on her dress and veil. Breautiful photographs of the bride. Reflection of the bride putting on her earrings in front of a mirror. Bride waving at her flowergirl in the bridal suite.

I love the expression on dad’s face when he saw his daughter for the first time in her dress. Every reveal is different but this one was very joyous and very warm and ardent.

Stoke Rochford Wedding Photographer-Dad enters the bridal suite to see his daughter for the first time in her wedding dress. Stoke Rochford Wedding Photographer-Photographs of the happy dad looking at the bride with a bridesmaid in the background in tears. Stoke Rochford Photographer-Close up of one bridesmaid crying and the other smiling. Stoke Rochford wedding PhotographyMum and Dad kissing the bride on both cheeks. Stoke Rochford Wedding Photographer-Happy Bridal Party looking at the camera.

The Wedding Ceremony at Stoke Rochford Hall

The wedding ceremony was held in the gorgeous Orangery. It is such a lovely space with lots of natural light which is a wedding photographers dream.

The walk down the aisle is quite a way and by the time Nicola reached Dan she was very emotional. I think Dan was pretty emotional too but held it together well. The ceremony went without a hitch.

Stoke Rochford Wedding Photographer-The Orangery at Stoke Rochford ready for the wedding ceremony. Stoke Rochford wedding PhotographyDetails of the chair covers, broaches and love hearts. Stoke Rochford Wedding Photographer-Guests walking around the outside of the Orangery to enter the ceremony room. Various guests seated inside the ceremony room. Nottingham wedding photographer - Groomsmen tidying up the groom before the bride enters. Bridal party and dad walking down the ornate staircase of Stoke Rochford Hall. Stoke Rochford Wedding Photographer-Bride and her dad on the staricase of Stoke Rochford Hall plus bridesmaids waiting. Both mums walking down the aisle with flower girl throwing the confetti. Stoke Rochford wedding PhotographyBridesmaids walking down the aisle. Groom waiting patiently with his back towards his bride as she walks down the aisle. Stoke Rochford Wedding Photographer-Groom turns around to look at his bride as she smiles back at him. Stoke Rochford Wedding Photographer-Bride and Groom holding hands. Groom punches the air as he holds hands with his bride at the ceremony table. Several photographs of the exchanging of the rings. Stoke Rochford wedding PhotographyBride putting the ring onto her groom's finger. Photographs of the first kiss. Bride and Groom with parents at the signing of the register laughing. Proud groom walking his bride back up the aisle. Shot of the confetti being thrown. Big group shot taken from above. Stoke Rochford Wedding Photographer-Side view of the guests having their group photograph done. Stoke Rochford Photographer-Guests in the gardens of Stoke Rochford Hall. Stoke Rochford Wedding Photographer-Dad lifting the flower girl up. Stoke Rochford Wedding Photographer-Lovely photograph of the bridal party on the steps in the grounds of Stoke Rochford.

The grounds at Stoke Rochford are amazing. There is so much scope for fabulous photographs but not enough time to cover everything. We took Nicola and Dan around the venue for their couple shoot and made the most of the glorious locations around the Hall. Even if it rained the inside of the Hall was just as good.

Bride and groom kissing on the top steps. Stoke Rochford Photographer-Bride and Groom walking away from the camera. Bride and Groom kissing with the building of the venue behind them. Stoke Rochford Wedding Photographer-Bride and groom looking at the camera with the venue behind them. Bride and groom walking hand in hand towards the camera. Stoke Rochford Wedding Photographer-Romantic shot of the couple in the garden of the venue. Bride and groom looking at each other in the fountain garden of the venue. Stoke Rochford Photographer-Bride and Groom on the steps in front of the venue. Stoke Rochford Wedding Photographer-Beautiful bride at the top of the staircase. Guests enjoying themselves inside. The wedding breakfast room in all of its splendour. Wedding cake and details. Guests getting readyto go into the wedding breakfast room. Stoke Rochford Photographer-Wedding guests settling into the wedding breakfast room. Groom making his speech at the top table with the bride pulling a face. Mum emotional whilst groom makes his speech.

Singing Waiters

After everyone had eaten their wedding breakfast were the speeches and after the speeches were the Singing Waiters. What fun that was. It was a surprise to all of the guests as they had no idea. If ever you would like good, wholesome, fun, entertainment, Singing Waiters would be a brilliant choice. Its a good way to get the party started.

Singing Waitor entertaining the guests. Stoke Rochford Wedding Photographer-All three singing waiters entertaining the top table. Guests twirling their serviettes around in the air to the songs of the singing waiters. Stoke Rochford Wedding Photographer-Lovely photograph of the bride looking back at the flower girl sitting on her train looking at the bride. Guests enjoying the outdoors of the venue. Stoke Rochford Wedding Photographer-Cutting the cake and first dance. First dance with a confetti bomb. Close up of bride and groom kissing surrounded by confetti.

Sunset and Smoke Bombs

We love photographing a good sunset. This one was exceptional. Well done to Nicola and Dan who ventured out to experience it. We ended the day with our first ‘Smoke Bomb’ shot which, I must say, I am pretty pleased with.

Stoke Rochford Photographer-Couple kissing in the grounds of the venue with a beautiful sunset. Couple practising their first dance in the grounds with the sunset behind them. Stoke Rochford Photographer-Couple looking at the camera with the silhouette of Stoke Rochford behind them with a sunset sky. Couple looking at each other with a smoke bomb lit in the background. Stoke Rochford Photographer-A lovely night shot of Stoke Rochford.

All images © Cathy and Brian – Oehlers Photography, Nottingham and Derby wedding photographers.

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