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norwood park wedding photography - bride and groom kissing on the staircase

Southwell Minster and Norwood Park Wedding Photography – Lauren and Ash

We were so happy to offer our wedding photography services on Lauren and Ash’s big day at Southwell Minster and Norwood Park.  Both venues are a delight to photograph at. We, certainly took advantage, and made use of the locations they had to offer.

Norwood Park Wedding Photography 

Norwood Park is a delightful venue to photograph. It is liscensed to hold Civil Ceremonies in three different areas. The ceremonies can be indoors or outdoors. On this occasion Lauren and Ash decided to have their wedding ceremony at the grand Cathedral, Southwell Minster with the wedding reception at Norwood Park. The grounds at Norwood Park are beautiful with many opportunities for photographs inside as well as out. 

The Cathedral of Southwell Minster

Southwell Minster is the Cathedral of Nottinghamshire. It has been a place of pilgrimage for nearly one thousand years. It is located in a rural setting and is the hub of Southwell town. The architecture is grand and is well-known for it’s fluid carvings of plants, animals and green men. Collectively these are known as ‘The Leaves of Southwell’. 

Lauren and Ash’s Wedding Day.

Cathy arrived in the morning to Norwood Park in Southwell where Lauren and her bridesmaids were getting ready. It was an overcast day with luckily no signs of rain. The atmosphere was mellow but exciting in the bridal preparation room. In preparation, the bridal party were more than happy to do their own make-up. However,  they had a professional in to style their hair. They all looked stunning, especially Lauren, who was more than ready to walk down the aisle at Southwell Minster in style. 

Brian met Ash and his groomsmen one hour before the wedding ceremony, at Southwell Minster. The idea was for Brian to take some natural and group photographs with Ash. What a smart turn out! Ash was dressed in his RAF uniform. He is a Mechanical Engineer of the Royal Air Force Aerobatic Team, the Red Arrows. This excited us as we had hoped for a fly pass. Unfortunately, the Red Arrows were abroad at the time of their wedding so they missed out. What timing!  But they did get a surprise fly pass from two tornedo jets.

Cathy left Norwood Park for Southwell Minster and parked the car. Just as she was getting her gear together there was a loud ‘boom’! Damn …. the ‘boom’ came from the aftermath of the tornado jets as they flew over Southwell Minster. Even Ash was unaware of the surprise. He heard it from inside the Cathedral’s walls.  He was over the moon to say the least.

norwood park wedding photography - wedding dress hanging up and flowers and shoes displayed norwood park wedding photography - bride's side refection in an ornate mirror norwood park wedding photography - birde and bridesmaid looking out the window norwood park wedding photography - beautiful reflection of bride in the mirror whilst having her hair done. wedding photography at Norwood Park - bride putting on her foundation wedding photography at Norwood Park - bridesmaids reflection in a mirror of having her hair done norwood park wedding preparations - beautiful window light showing two bridesmaids looking out at the view norwood park wedding preparations - bridesmaid doing up her shoes norwood park wedding preparations - flowergirl all dressed up norwood park wedding preparations - lovely photographs of the cute flower girl bridal party at Norwood Park - a candid photograph of the bridesmaids and flower girl sitting down southwell minster wedding - grand photograph of the front of southwell minster southwell minster wedding - groom in his RAF uniform southwell minster wedding - groomsmen wondering where to place the groom's buttonhole on his uniform southwell minster wedding - photographs of groomsmen posing outside the cathedral southwell minster wedding - black and white photograph of groomsmen Norwood Park Wedding - bridesmaids and mum getting the bride ready Norwood Park Wedding - bridesmaids doing up the back of the bride's dress Norwood Park Wedding - beautiful half portrait of the bride using window light Norwood Park Wedding - bride siting down for a portrait. Norwood Park Wedding - dad hold the brides train as they walk down the staircase at Norwood Norwood Park Wedding - bride and dad exiting Norwood Park Southwell Minster wedding ceremony - beautiful side profile of Southwell Minster Southwell Minster wedding ceremony - photographs of the bridesmaids waiting for their bride just inside the doorway of the Minster Southwell Minster wedding ceremony - bridesmaid waiting for the bride with one of them looking out. Southwell Minster wedding ceremony - the bride has arrived with her bridesmaids holding up her train Southwell Minster wedding ceremony - the bride and bridesmaids walking down the aisle with priest. Southwell Minster wedding ceremony - grrom waiting patiently for his bride at the end of the aisle Southwell Minster wedding ceremony - bride walking down the Quire of Southwell Minster with her dad and bridal party. High view looking down towards the Sanctuary and High Altar of Southwell Minster exchanging of the rings. Southwell Minster wedding ceremony - looking down at the bride and groom kneeling in The Sanctuary. Southwell Minster wedding ceremony - signind the register with bridesmaids and groomsmen looking on Bride and Groom looking into the camera after signing the register High view of the sanctuary and high altar High view of the bride and groom with their bridal party in The Sanctuary. Bride and Groom and their bridal party kneeling in the sanctuary.

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