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I enjoy taking reportage, candid, natural shots at a wedding as I feel it captures the true emotions of the day. Shooting unobtrusively is the key. A few weeks ago Crash Taylor of Crash Taylor Photography asked me to help him out at a wedding firstly at St. Edward King & Martyr Church in Castle […]

Mike is a Shakespearean actor so I thought it would be a great idea if we took a scene from the Shakespeare play ‘Hamlet’. To set the scene: As two clowns dig Opelia’s grave, they unearth the skull of Yorick, court jester to the former king. This king’s son, Prince Hamlet, just happens to be strolling through the graveyard with […]

Last Saturday myself and Brian were at Justine and Allan’s house photographing a lifestyle portrait shoot. Boy did we have fun … the football was out, they had running races as well as space hopper races. It was a chance for the family to get together and have their photos taken unobtrusively. They wanted to […]

On Sunday I helped James Russell of James Russell Photography with a wedding up in Cheshire. We could not have asked for a better day. The weather was super and romance was in the air. 

Spent the weekend in Morecambe with friends with the aim of walking Morecambe Bay – a 10 miler, open to the elements, wind, rain, sunshine and quicksand! Luckily we were guided by Cedric Robinson MBE who knows the Bay very well. We were a small party compared to the 200 others who decided to join […]

We spent a lovely week with friends at their home in the Gascony region of France. Wine, ducks, beautiful villages, great people, fantastic food and the weather was kind for the majority of the time. Here are some arty images that I have put together. Enjoy.